We created TRIBE.XYZ to help entrepreneurs solve their number one challenge, Talent Acquisition.

About us

We are a boutique consultancy that focusses on delivering recruiting solutions to fast-growing tech companies in Berlin. We are focussed on the customer’s needs, delivering through efficiency and utilizing data to improve. Currently, we are a team of recruiters, sourcers and technologists around Europe. We have delivered on projects at Spotify, Zalando, GetYourGuide, King and several others. We are employing external freelancers to improve and automate our sourcing and screening.

Besides active delivery, we focus on improving our day to day performance by building analytics, sourcing, marketing and recruiting tools. You will be expected to get involved in testing, assessing and improving new tools. (Analytics Platform, Sourcing Marketplace)

Clients we focus on are technology companies in Berlin, with 10-500 people teams, 10+ million dollars of investment and ambition to rapidly scale up current teams.

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Our Values

  • You go out of your way to help others be successful and celebrate their success as your own
  • You listen attentively and treat others with respect

  • You put yourself on the line for your team

  • You share knowledge with others

  • You act with good intentions and motives


  • You are concise and articulate in speech and writing

  • You choose data over opinions

  • You let the results do the talking 

  • You practice radical candor

  • Openly discussing mistakes and asking for help when needed 

  • You are genuine and honest


  • You question opinions thoughtfully with purpose, evidence, consideration, and humor

  • You make learning a habit and are relentless about progress

  • You embrace discomfort and step outside of your comfort zone

  • You risk failure to achieve success

  • You own your own development


  • You take ownership and initiative

  • You inspire your colleagues and make them better

  • You fuel creativity, learning, and innovation

  • You empower words with actions 

  • You get things done


  • You accomplish more with less

  • You seek alternative perspectives and solutions

  • You maximize results with a grit